Amrando Duran in TESLA'S ENGINE (2014)

                   The film Tesla's Engine is the story of Nikola Tesla’s last day on earth. A film that penetrates the veil that for so long has hid the triumphs,
                   tragedies and mysteries of what many call the world's greatest and most warily ignored inventor. Tesla’s Engine is a poetic and historically
                   accurate film about genius. Nikola Tesla thrived in the realms of the physical and mental, conscious and unconscious, the literal and the
                   figurative and they are interwoven in the story he now tells. Through Tesla’s eyes, we look back on what is arguably the greatest turning
                   point in human history and its most decisive cultural revolution: the mass, industrial electrification of human civilization using Tesla’s AC
                   That long forgotten revolution was the modern world's first industrial standards war. It was between Thomas Edison's Direct Current electrical
                   system and Tesla's Alternating Current system. Edison lost “The War of the Currents.” Then the world’s industries wholeheartedly embraced
                  Tesla’s Alternating Current system while suspiciously writing him out of history. 
                  What Tesla's Engine reveals affects everyone in the world today for we have collectively inherited a revolutionary invention of Tesla’s mind.
                  We move in a world where every machine necessary to our modern way of life runs on Tesla’s AC system. In poetic fashion Tesla’s Engine
                  revels the impacts on our web of life stemming from the revelations of “The War of the Currents.” 
                  Now what do we so suddenly, urgently need from Nikola Tesla? His Quantum Engine of course. 
                  Produced by George Ainsworth
                  Music Teo Kim Merlino
                  Directed by Mark Oliver
                  Starring Armando Duran