Menhirs men3
glass clock4 clock5 destroy

1999, 11ft x 30in. welded steel, wire, bottles and hand written notes.(top) Car parts, junk 30 x 30ft sq. (bottom)
Menhirs was a sculpture commissioned by the Biennial in Faro Portugal 1999. I constructed steel vessels inspired by Portugal’s Neolithic history. The ancient enigmatic standing stones found around Southern Portugal mysteriously hint at a 5,000-year-old society immersed in ritual and astrological observation. I juxtaposed the idea of the ancient’s relationship to the earth with current issues in todays society – pollution & recycling.

Six grade students from Faro wrote letters concerning the current state of the environment in the Algarve Province. The notes were then rolled up and put into the bottles and the bottles placed in the steel menhirs. The menhirs served as a symbolic vessel carrying the SOS notes written by the children. You can see in the lower left image that the recycling wasn't actually recycled but smashed up for landfill.

Continuing the theme of prehistoric Land Art high school students made a large sundial out of discarded debris. Not overly convinced about the merits of the work local townspeople destroyed the original sculpture and reconfigured it into one of their own! (bottom left)