Joaquin’s Hideout Retreat

Joaquina hideout

Joaquins Hideout is currently in the works. It is a space for artists, writers and musicians to get away from the urban noise and focus on a project for a few days or longer. It is an off grid solar powered semi primitive space with cooking and bath facilities. Summer 2019 trading work for residency time. Send resume and contact info to: mark(at)

The Rad Seiad Roadshow,   2016

This was a really cool project at Seiad School in 2017. It was a multi-skill educational project where students were asked to create an art object and write about it which became part of an interview for the Rad Seiad Roadshow. Combining art making with writing and performance. 

Butteville Environmental Art

Artists work with Butteville students every year for a week on a Project. My idea was to create something that would them how art making is linked to history and the environment.