Golden Ghosts Film

The new film project is funded by 18th Street Arts, Creative Corp, and the California Arts Council. Shot in Northern California the story follows two African Americans who arrived in California around 1852 hoping to find gold and improve their lives. During their journey, they meet up with a Mexican couple who warn them about what the Yankees are capable of as they mourn the loss of their former land. They also meet up with a Chinese woman whose main business during the gold rush is pimping her young prostitutes but who is also a skilled herbalist. They have run-ins with other miners when they come to the aid of two Native Americans who were being mistreated by two Anglo miners only to find out that the Natives appreciated their help but also wished them to return to wherever they came from. Their time in the gold fields is met with disappointments and rewards and if I read the script correctly I think at least one of them makes it out alive…

The GOLDEN GHOST FILM Premiere at the Riverfront Playhouse, Redding CA
Sunday April 21st
1950 California Street,  Redding, CA

 Limited tickets while they last
Prices are $10 advance & $15 day of show
SHOWTIMES are 12 noon and 3 pm

Following the 3pm show there will be a reception with food, drinks & meet and greet with the actors and crew.
If by chance the screenings sell out there may be a later showing in the evening. You can contact for more information.

The 12 pm screening ticket is below 



3:00 pm ticket below or $15 at the door


CAST and Director Mark Oliver

Got a pic yesterday of our very talented and creative costume designer Maggie Woodard

First look at script with Fred and Victor

Working on scene 6, Vic, Fred, Carla and Ruben

Last minute brush up before heading up the mountain to look for gold

After a day of rehearsal on the mountain, Victor, Luis, Hop-Iche, Fred, John & Ethan

Golden Ghosts territory sketch by Ruben Alvarado

Ruben Alvarado X marks the spot

rehearse rehearse rehearse @ POPS in Dunsmuir

Workin hard, Mexicans lose their Northern Territory but promise to return!

Fred Magee with his 1849 tool

John, Bobby and Ethan

Jenny and her daughters rehearsing their scene


Click here for a look at rehearsal with los Mexicanos

First day on set 10/1/23

Tall and Money begin their journey

Money and Tall at their mining camp

A few white miners participating in the little known California slave trade.

Young warrior contemplates his future

On set con los Californios y el pollo